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This site contains descriptions of and links to software and art projects as well as descriptions of and links to writing and film projects.
Writing The 1,200 page novel written in 1989 called "Dogman" was rejected, perhaps correctly, by every publisher it was submitted to. Several short stories were rejected by a number of literary reviews. Other writing projects are described here.
Film The short film "Half Death" was made as part of the 2003 48 hour film festival. Other film projects are described here.
Software The Rogue Market was a real success in the late 1990s but folded due to lack of advertiser support. Here is a link to an article from Wired (remember them?) in 1997. Note that the author is Matt Richtel who now writes for the New York Times ( Auction Market is a patent-pending auction technology that is destined to revolutionize Capitalism as we know it. Other software is here.
Theater Elvet is a musical tragedy based on Shakespeare's "Hamlet." Other theater projects are found here.
Art The Bill Gates ( will be (if and when completed) the most expensive piece of installation art in history. Visual art is here.
Blog Subsistentialism ( is a blog devoted to the philosohy of plants.
Fashion Design Hazmat Warning ( are tee shirts and sweat shirts based on DOT and NFPA warning placards.
Miscellaneous Google Matthew Lederman. There's a lot of useless stuff about me and all the other people who share my name.
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