Matthew Lederman
Half Death Half Death is a short made for the 2003 48 Hour Film festival. It was shot entrely on location at Rudy's Bar and Grill on a Friday night in June, edited on Saturday, and deleivered on Sunday.
Signs Signs is an examination of how signage is used to control people.
Dogumentary Dogumentary is a study of how dogs and their owners exist in New York City.
Negatives Negatives is a film script that reinterprets the vampire legend. A man starts to feed off "vampires" after he is accidentally transformed into a mutant.
Parking Violations Parking Violations is a script about a computer programmer who gets a parking ticket that changes his life.
Hell's Kitchen Hell's Hitchen is the story of a young thug who tries to better his life.
Dfilms Check out the wildly entertaining dfilm movies The Boring Identity and You've Got Mail and Pumping Creatine and Homage to Catfight that are considered art only because the bar has been lowered so far. Some say that this dfilm work is derivative and juvenile. To them we say "Thanks."

Because the good folks at dfilm seem to have removed the first four films, a new one has been added: Lord of the Ring 4: Frodo Peeps which would have been called "Peeping Frodo" except for a Draconian 20-character limit on the length of dfilm titles.
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