Matthew Lederman
Auction Market Auction Market is ( is a a patent-pending auction technology that compensates bidders for the risk the take of taking delivery on an auction item and for their contribution to the ultimate selling price of the item.
Rogue Market Rogue Market was a revolutionary celebrity stock market game that ran on-line from 1996-2001.
Free Long Distance Telephone switching system written in C that connected calls and delivered ads. United States Patent Number 5,448,625 issued September 5, 1995.
Televaction Location based entertainment system written at XADAX. The system is controlled by mobile phones using Win32 and Dialogic voice boards. Patent filed and Application Number 20050074100 published.
Secure Fax Digital signature system for facsimile acceptance written at XADAX for Pacific Digital Communications (creator of the Tele-Token) using Dialogic T1, voice and fax boards..
Gamebot Interactive television Bingo game wriiten at XADAX. The system used Dialogic T1 and voice cards and the show was prooduced at a local station in conjunction with Open World Interactive.
Gotham Casino Interactive television casino games wriiten at XADAX.
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