Matthew Lederman
February 2005 - Present
President/Programmer, AMExT LLC, New York, NY.
Conceived, designed and developed bid-premium auction technology ( This system rewards bidders for the risk assumed for participating in an auction and automatically compensates these bidders at the conclusion of the auction. This system is written in Php using a MySQL database and an Apache server and runs on FreeBSD. Wrote and filed preliminary patent application for system.

September 2002 - Present Consultant
Provided custom telephone, internet and database software for clients and customers. Provide systems administration and configuration for streaming video and peer-to-peer streaming audio servers and Windows, Solaris and Linux webservers

January 1992 - September 2002 President/Programmer, XADAX Inc., New York, NY.
Designed the Televaction realtime multimedia distribution system. This consisted of a client server system in which clients could be controlled, remotely by use of mobile and wireline telephones, to play games, musics and other audio video content.

Designed and programmed the Gotham Casino real time interactive game site. This site was written in Microsoft C and used the Isapi.dll to extend Microsoft Internet Information Server. This site also used Microsoft SQL Server via ODBC. This site also featured real time video streaming.

Collaborated on the design, writing and programming of the Rogue Market World Wide Web based real time multiplayer game. The Rogue Market was almost completely generated using CGI and included a custom written database in addition to the game logic software. The game system software was designed to a portable stand alone modular unit so that it could be licensed, sold, modified and enhanced quickly and easily.

Collaborated on the design and built and programmed a telephone system for storing, retrieving, routing and delivering facsimile and voice data. The system consisted of a real time C language module controlling the operation of the system in addition to several C language databases. Consulted on writing the patent for this system.

Collaborated on the concept and the software for a prototype of a television game show for the SciFi Network. This project involved involved multiple caller input affecting the television output in real time.

Conceived, designed, built and programmed an advertiser- supported long-distance telephone system. The system contained switching and messaging hardware and software that enabled advertisers to provide free switched telephone service and to both target and track delivery of advertising impressions to individual callers. The system was capable of collecting caller responses using touch tones and voice recording and was able to be customized by the advertiser or operator without reprogramming. The software consisted of a real-time C language module controlling the operation of the telephone system plus a C language database for call and message accounting and delivery. Wrote and negotiated the first regulatory tariff in New York State, and perhaps the United States, covering advertiser-sponsored calling using this telephone system. Wrote the patent application for this telephone system. Wrote the technical documentation for this system. Wrote and designed advertising materials and brochures for this system.

Conceived, designed and built a prototype telephone system for advertiser-supported dial-up information services. This system was designed to be integrated with the advertisers' proprietary information or with third-party information such as news, weather, sports, financial and health data, was capable of collecting caller responses and was able to be customized without reprogramming. This system also included custom C language control programs and multiple C language databases for each service. Wrote the technical documentation and marketing materials for this system.

Wrote the software, manual and marketing material for an Ada-83 version of the EMACS text editor for MS-DOS. This program consisted of over 50,000 lines of Ada code including low-level routines for a BIOS interface that was not supported in the language specification and dynamic memory deallocation routines to replace defective routines included in the validated compiler. Worked on porting this text editor to Windows environment.

August 1983 - January 1992 Programmer, MSI Electronics Inc., Woodside, NY.
Wrote an 80x86 assembly language front end for an Ada-83 compiler. Wrote inventory, backlog, mailing list management and miscellaneous office applications using the C language as well as dBase and other commercial programs. Wrote test and measurement programs in BASIC for component and equipment manufacturing. Also wrote operating manuals and documentation.
EDUCATION BS from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in August 1977. Graduate and undergraduate Computer Science classes taken at NYU in 1984-1985 including Data Structures, Fundamental Algorithms, Assembly Language and C and Unix.
LANGUAGES, OPERATING SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS Know C, Php, Perl, 80x86 assembler, Ada-83. Have programmed extensively under MS-DOS, Unix and Windows. Have some knowledge of C++, BASIC, Pascal, Fortran and Lisp. Extensive Microsoft SQL Server (ODBC, C, NT) and MySQL (Php, Linux) experience.
MISCELLANEOUS Produced and wrote all the software for "Experiments in Interactive Television," a television game show in which home viewers compete against each other using their touch tone telephones. "Experiments in Interactive Television" was broadcast weekly from 1995 to 1997, making it one of the longest running interactive television experiments in the country and presented several different multiplayer games and variations on them, including "Touch Tone Roulette," "Touch Tone Bingo" (cardless and traditional) and several varieties of trivia, pattern-matching and sequence-following games.

Participated in the programming of the Virtual Reality Association of Students and Professionals uniVRsum project exhibited at the 1994 SIGGRAPH Conference.
REFERENCES On request.
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